There are approximately 1,500 farmers working on 70,000 hectares of land in Germany, which are bio-dynamic farming. In addition, 400 producers and processors are members of Demeter e.V.

Demeter, an internationally recognized organic label, is represented on every continent. From Argentina to Hungary, approximately 5,000 farmers in about 50 different countries are farming on 160,000 hectares of land in compliance with the stringent Demeter production standards and receiving biodynamic certificates.

With its unique co-branding strategy, Demeter guarantees its biodynamic quality; the manufacturer is responsible for careful preparation.

Demeter certification audit can be performed as part of official EU organic audits; this allows access to a larger organic market. Certification process is carried out by Demeter Union.

Demeter farms work biologically. This means that the farms operate on an anthropolistic and scientific basis of human beings and nature. In this respect, the earth is seen as a living organism. The farm itself is seen as a living organism. Soil and plants, healing plants, quartz metal and cow dung by bio-dynamic preparation is applied by applying vitality. This creates a positive effect on the food produced. These foods, which are more suitable for the nutrition of our bodies and souls, are in high demand. Demeter foods are therefore characterized by a certain maturity and flavor quality.

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What you want to know?

Demeter is open to all farmers and producers who wish to enter a larger organic market and at the same time want to have an anthroposophical and scientific understanding of human and nature.

Certified with Kiwa

The Kiwa BCS combines Demeter control with the EU Organic audit to provide the customer with an effective way to get Demeter certification. Certification is done only by Demeter

Kiwa BCS OEKO-GARANTIE GmbH has more than 25 years of experience in organic certification. In 1992, BCS was the first German certification body to be registered under the European Union Organic Regulation (EEC 2092/91). BCS OEKO-GARANTIE has gained a very good place in the European market since then and has gained a strong international presence well-known in the target markets for organic products such as the EU, the US and Japan. According to its versatile accreditations, records and collaborations, Kiwa BCS is able to offer services all over the world at one time.

Kiwa BCS serves local branches and local auditors in about 70 countries around the world.

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