Verification services are needed in many different industries. In retail and wholesale we verify, for example, scales, beverage dispensers and fuel dispensers − these services make you feel sure in answering consumer questions about the right amount of goods they have just purchased. In heavy industries, for example, truck and train scales and measuring systems for loading road tankers need to be verified. In Finland, Kiwa Inspecta is also an inspection body for e-marking of pre-packed goods, such as crackers, cereal or shampoo. The e mark is a signal of trust in importing and exporting.

Kiwa Inspecta offers you a wide range of services for conformity assessment of measuring instruments, for example, assessments in accordance with the MID and NAWI directives. We also offer type examinations, initial and periodic verifications. Kiwa Inspecta always ensures that the methods used are reliable and the measurement standards are in compliance with national or international measurement standards. Evidence of our quality, independence, impartiality and integrity is that our services are accredited.

Typical Objects

  • Scales
  • Fuel dispensers
  • Systems for loading road tankers
  • Road tankers
  • Beverage dispensers

Benefits of Inspection of Measuring Devices

  • Ensures accuracy of measuring instruments (scales, pumps etc.)
  • Get what you pay for: right amounts, no overloading
  • Brings you cost savings by minimizing risks due to incorrect measurements

Standards / Regulatory Compliance

  • MID (Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/EU related harmonized standards and normative documents
  • NAWI (Directive for Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments) related standard EN 2014/31/EU
  • EN ISO/IEC 17020
  • EN ISO/IEC 17025
  • WELMEC guides
  • OIML recommendations and documents
  • Directive 76/211/EEC on e-marked prepackages