Conquer new markets with our support! We help you to bring your product in compliance with local technical and regulatory requirements.

Basically, we are testing and certifying the following products in the scope of renewable energies for electrical safety:

  • Grid-connected photovoltaic inverters and grid systems
  • Combined heat and power plants (CHPs)
  • Energy storage systems
  • Water-power plants
  • Wind turbines
  • Junction boxes, circuit breakers
  • Communication devices
  • Mains monitoring relays
  • PV Tracking Systems

Especially for grid parallel generating units, a variety of local connection conditions for low and medium voltage with regard to grid security exist all around the world. Benefit from our knowledge of the various regulations!

 PV components are often subjected to extreme environmental conditions. Environmental simulation tests on components expose design flaws already in the development stage and avoid expensive re-design and failures in the field.

Determination of Efficiency

Inverter efficiency is an important quality criterion for the profitability of a PV system. In our laboratory, we have the necessary knowledge as well as the latest measuring technology to perform efficient measurements (EN50530, EN 61863) of inverters with highest precision.