Our clients operate at all levels of government, such as the Department of Public Works, the Ministry of Defence, provincial and municipal authorities and water boards. Contractors of earthworks, civil engineering and pavement engineering works, engineering and consultancy agencies, manufacturers and suppliers of construction materials, but also managers of industrial estates, container terminals and airports find their way to us.

The increasing traffic load and great demands made in terms of traffic safety and the environment are putting more and more pressure on our infrastructure. The advice required in the design, construction and management phases is therefore increasingly complex. Kiwa has the necessary know-how and experience but also the correct tools, such as monitoring equipment and laboratory facilities, to take care of all the specialty road construction aspects. 

Kiwa comprises several departments and product groups, each with their specialisation. We have unique theoretical knowledge, but also an awareness of problems which can occur in practice. Our departments and product groups work closely together, have developed joint know-how and can, therefore, find the best possible solution for any issue.