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Are you a rubber seal manufacturer and you want to be able to supply worldwide but you don't have a product qualification yet? We can help you to obtain product certificates that are accepted in the countries of use worldwide as authorities, pipe system suppliers and other parties in the chain of custody are demanding proof of quality of rubber seals by third party testing, inspecting and certification. 

Important product standards for rubber seals

Kiwa product certificates according to Kiwa evaluation guidelines and EN, ISO, AS and ASTM standards provide compliance to product requirements on a global scale. Our specialists are well-known in the world of rubber seals and are active in the standard committees of EN and ISO. They can help you with their knowledge of standards worldwide in Europe, Asia, Africa, USA, Australia. 

More information?

Please read the  enclosed leaflet for all the information you need. And please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs. We are very happy to help you to increase your market potential.

About Kiwa 

Kiwa has specialized business units that focus on specific market segments, in the Netherlands and internationally. We offer specialist services in areas such as energy and water, fire safety and security, infrastructure, roof and facade advice, sports facilities and training. You can contact these business units for testing, inspection, certification, training and consultancy tailored to your market segment.