Almost every organisation uses mobile applications to provide functionality to customers or employees. In most cases these apps process sensitive information, such as company data, personal information, usernames, passwords and/or authorisation tokens. It goes without saying that it is of utmost importance to protect this information.

Kiwa helps organisations to improve the quality and security of their mobile apps by examining these apps in several ways. With a Vulnerability Scan, also known as pentest (penetration test) or Security Scan Assessment, we can pin-point which security risks any given app entails. Depending on the findings of the Vulnerability Assessment and the accompanying Risk Analysis, we conduct an App Consult or Code Review that shows which security efforts are the most effective.

What is an App Consult?

During an App Consult, the code of an app is thoroughly examined by our security specialist, together with the developer of the code. We don’t just check the architecture but we also provide advice on how to improve the security. An App Consult is not a complete security-investigation, but a way to gain quick wins and to offer the developer insights in the necessary improvements to make the app more secure. By conducting the investigation together with the app developers, they can learn which matters to pay attention to for their future developments.

What is a Code Review?

A Code Review is an extensive investigation into the vulnerabilities of the app. The research is done using our proprietary checklist, which results in a full picture of the safety of the app. Furthermore, the checklist offers a scalable and structured method with which the depth of the investigation can be determined by the desired level of security. De findings of the investigation will be gathered in an extensive report, including an overview of actions that possibly need to be taken.

For more detailed information about Kiwa’s services concerning a vulnerability scan, pentest, application security or code reviews, please contact our Expert Center Cybersecurity.