Cyber Security Training

People are an essential part of digital ecosystems. To be properly prepared against and aware of cyberthreats it’s important that employees are properly trained and informed. It’s also good to test or exercise their knowledge and awareness. At Kiwa we offer several types of trainings to increase the awareness and knowledge regarding cyberthreats.

Human interactions with technology

Training your employees to recognise cyberthreats reduces the risk of successful cyberattacks caused by human error. For example phishing, social engineering or weak passwords chosen by an employee. To develop the knowledge, skills and awareness of your employees Kiwa offers several training courses, from one-day workshops and seminars to extended tailor-made programmes.


Proper human interactions with technology are one of the main pillars for adequate cyber security. Regular cyber security training on various topics is an indispensable tool for keeping people aware of the different and ‘situation-specific’ cyber security risks and threats. Cyber security training comes in different shapes and form. From general trainings to raising the cyber security awareness of employees, we understand the importance of well-trained people. Fill in the contact form to find out what we can do for you.