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BS 6920 Compliance for water product manufacturers and suppliers

If you're involved in the manufacturing or supply of water products like showers, taps, valves, or WCs, you will come across the British standard BS 6920. This standard establishes requirements for non-metallic materials in contact with drinking water, ensuring water safety and preventing contamination. Compliance to the BS 6920 is crucial to enter the British market

Comprehensive BS 6920 testing

BS 6920 is a British standard that sets out requirements for manufacturers and suppliers of non-metallic materials/products that are used in contact with drinking water. The standard requires a suite of tests designed to ensure the safety and quality of water and prevents contamination of the water supply.

Test methods address odour and flavour, colour and turbidity (the measure of relative clarity), extraction of any harmful substances, growth of aquatic microorganisms, and extraction of metals.The types of products for BS6920 testing include components, , o-rings coatings, lubricants and seals.The results of BS 6920 tests can be used for research and development purposes, to support a KUKreg4 product certification, or to support a WRAS product or materials approval.

Kiwa's Accredited Laboratories

Kiwa’s BS 6920 testing is undertaken in Kiwa Germany’s DAkkS accredited laboratory for ISO/IEC 17025 in Rostock. The Mechanical testing of products is undertaken in our laboratory in the UK and we also have supporting labs in the Netherlands, Italy and China.

Jonathan Price, Kiwa Watertec’s Business Development Manager explains “Clients may need both BS 6920 and mechanical performance testing, so we can coordinate the testing of products between our labs, which ensures a fluid process for our clients. After all, getting a product to market quickly is really important. Hold ups cost money, time and resource.“

Excitingly, Kiwa is expanding its materials hygiene services . Stay tuned for more information on these developments.

Erik Remijn (Director, NoCalc International) – NoCalc International used Kiwa Germany’s labs for BS6920 testing:

Discover the journey of NoCalc International, the innovative limescale prevention system, as it successfully underwent BS 6920 testing at Kiwa's laboratories in Germany., Erik Remijn, representing NoCalc International, shares insights into their collaboration with Kiwa:

“NoCalc International is the inventor of NoCalc. We provide a water treatment method against the build-up of limescale which is 100% safe for drinking water. We approached Kiwa to gain compliance and certification and to ensure that the system is within the strict regulations. The NoCalc system which was tested in the Kiwa laboratory against the hygienic and mechanical requirements which was successful which gave us the KUKreg4 certification. We thank Kiwa for their professional approach and look forward to the next certification.”


In need of BS 6920 testing?

For more detailed information on Kiwa's BS 6920 testing services and how they can ensure the safety and quality of your water products, please visit our service page. If you have specific inquiries or would like to discuss your testing requirements, our dedicated team is ready to assist you. Feel free to reach out to us via email at water@kiwa.com, and we'll promptly address any questions or concerns you may have. Kiwa is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for water product testing, ensuring your compliance with industry standards and regulations.