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Kiwa Expands Solar Offering in North America with Integration of Key Solar Businesses

Solar is the fastest growing source of new energy capacity around the world. According to the IEA, solar photovoltaics (PV) accounted for the majority of all renewable capacity additions worldwide in 2023, with global generation expected to reach 1,991 TWh this year. Every day, new technology types and module designs are being deployed, and buyers need to have trust in the performance, safety, and reliability of their solar products.

To help create trust for our solar clients, Kiwa recently announced the integration of our key solar businesses, including North American entities PV Evolution Labs (PVEL) and PI Berlin North America. As market leaders in the service of solar PV and energy storage projects, PVEL and PI Berlin had previously operated in collaboration as members of the Kiwa Group. Through this strategic alignment, the organizations will now operate more closely under the Kiwa umbrella, better signifying the relationship of these member companies as integrated solutions providers.

Continuing Excellence in PV Technology Assessment and Reliability Testing

As PV technology has undergone significant changes in recent years, Kiwa helps stakeholder companies to assess and advise on potential impacts to efficiency, demand and price. As before, Kiwa PVEL will continue to provide extended reliability testing for PV modules and equipment, including its flagship Product Qualification Program (PQP). Kiwa PVEL will also continue to publish the results of their testing in the annual PV Module Reliability Scorecard. Additionally, Kiwa PI Berlin will continue to offer all current technical advisory, risk management, and quality assurance services for PV plants, modules, inverters, transformers, and battery storage systems. Together, the companies have consulted on more than 20GW of solar projects to date.

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Enhancing Service and Support for the Renewable Energy Transition

The integration of Kiwa's solar businesses underscores our commitment to supporting the transition to renewable energy in North America, and around the world. By combining the knowledge and capabilities of our solar experts, we are better able to serve the evolving needs of the PV industry, from ensuring the quality and reliability of solar products to facilitating compliance with regulatory standards, conducting factory audits, and completing on-site inspections. We hope to that in bringing together these core services, we can provide a one-stop-shop that helps to further advance North America's renewable energy industry.

As part of the announcement, Luca Votta, Global Business Sector Leader for Renewable Energy at Kiwa said: “As we enhance our capabilities, we want to emphasize that for our valued clients, it will be business as usual. We’ll continue to deliver the seamless service and high industry standards that already help create trust in the development of gigawatts of solar worldwide.”

Expanding Expertise and Offering New ESG Services

We’re thrilled to continue our pursuit of empowering the energy transition and contributing to a cleaner planet. Since the announcement, Kiwa has also started to offer range of services designed to enhance our clients’ commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. These services are tailored to meet your unique needs, ensuring a seamless and effective ESG strategy implementation. Kiwa can help you with audits, evaluations, certifications, traceability assessments, and more. Learn about our ESG services here.

Kiwa is excited to announce this integration of our solar and renewable energy businesses, as we continue to expand our expertise in markets ranging from infrastructure and construction to drinking water, healthcare, food and farming.