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Making responsibly sourced concrete visible: CSC certification

Concrete has been one of the most widely used materials in the world for decades. It is applied for various purposes, such as the construction of houses, buildings, bridges and tunnels, but also in outdoor areas, for example in sidewalks or decorative paving.

Sustainability has become increasingly important in the concrete industry. This also applies to companies that use concrete in their products. Like Schellevis, a Dutch manufacturer of concrete products used for various applications, including ornamental paving. Schellevis has recently been CSC Silver certified, a worldwide quality mark for concrete which proves that they are part of a responsible concrete chain. This certification fits Schellevis perfectly, because the company implements sustainability in everything it does in the best possible way.

Minimising impact on people and nature

Sustainability has been an important theme within Schellevis for many years. Meike Hover, Commercial Director at Schellevis, says: "In everything we do, we strive for the best quality and try to burden people and nature as little as possible. This means that we use natural materials in our production process and reuse as much as possible. By now, more than a quarter of the materials we use are recycled materials. Obtaining CSC certification is in line with our sustainability policy.” However, Schellevis focus on sustainability does not stop there. Meike Hover continues: "Without compromising on quality, we continue to test and innovate to further improve composition and production."


Photo: On 17 May 2022, Richie Hilgersom, auditor at Kiwa, handed over the CSC silver certificate to Luke de Ruijter, production manager at Schellevis. Sustainability of their concrete products is now demonstrable through CSC certification.

Bronze, silver, gold and platinum

CSC stands for Concrete Sustainability Council. The Council is engaged in a more sustainable concrete sector worldwide. Kiwa has participated as one of the Founding Partners in CSC since 2014 and can provide CSC certification.

CSC certification shows that companies have actively implemented corporate social responsibility in their business operations. Quality mark holders may only use CSC if they meet strict requirements in terms of reliability, expertise, sustainability and occupational safety. There are four levels: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Certified companies provide advice on the environmental profile of concrete and deliver high quality concrete. They also strive for a high use of secondary materials. The responsible origin of raw materials must also be demonstrated. CSC certification is carried out exclusively by CSC affiliated, independent certification bodies, like Kiwa.

High scores on Health and Safety and Supply Chain

Schellevis scores exceptionally high on the CSC Health and Safety section. Richie Hilgersom, auditor at Kiwa, involved in the CSC certification of Schellevis, says: "The company scores the full score except for one point. This is also visible and tangible in the relaxed atmosphere within the company. In the factory it is clearly visible that care is taken to keep employees out of danger. The factory is clean, tidy."

The company also has a very high score when it comes to the supply chain; all materials used are purchased from CSC-certified companies. Aggregates are even 100% purchased from a CSC Gold-certified company. "In recent years, we have tried to produce more and more efficiently and to make the factory itself more sustainable. Our machines not only have minimal energy requirements, but also minimal waste of material. In addition, the products dry and harden naturally and everything is 100% recyclable. If products do not pass our strict quality control, we reuse them as basic components to make new products. Innovations in granule packaging also contribute to a more environmentally friendly product", says Luke de Ruiter, Schellevis production manager.

CSC certification by Kiwa

Kiwa is market leader in the field of concrete certification. With a CSC concrete audit and certification by Kiwa, you will be working on sustainability and a better market position at the same time. Our team of concrete specialists will gladly assist you in obtaining the necessary certification. We carry out the annual inspection of the plant as well as regular audit testing of your products in accordance with the prescribed standards. For more information, visit this page.