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PPI Quality & Engineering Provides Services for the Energy Industry Around the Globe

PPI Quality & Engineering, a Kiwa company headquartered in Houston, Texas, provides professional engineering, quality assurance, and auditing services to energy industry clients around the world.

From shipyards in China to LNG projects in Canada, PPI’s professional staff partners with companies on six continents from our offices around the world to verify the quality and safety of equipment and processes. Our engineering personnel deliver hands-on engineering services and staff augmentation for our customers.

Evolution of Energy Services

Three petroleum engineers started PPI in the 1990s to provide drilling, production, and workover services for oil and gas projects in the US. As the business grew internationally, PPI incorporated quality control and quality assurance (QA/QC) services to support excellence in project outcomes and to help customers avoid costly downtime at the wellsite and assure adherence to industry standards. PPI developed its own software product to generate key performance indicators so customers could track their spend and vendor performance. QA Reporter software-as-a-service also supports PPI’s inventory management services as well as non-conformance management and reporting.

Over time, renewable energy and alternative energy technologies rose to prominence. Companies, and entire countries, saw the benefits of developing renewable energy projects. And applications such as liquefied natural gas (LNG) processing opened new markets and provided better access to efficient energy.

As the global energy market grew and changed, PPI began providing services in new energy disciplines while maintaining its leadership in the oil and gas industry. Today, PPI provides quality assurance and engineering services for petroleum projects, wind farms, LNG plants, green hydrogen projects, carbon capture and storage projects, and more.

Services for the Global Supply Chain

Every major industrial project combines components made wherever it is most cost-effective. For instance, an offshore oil and gas well in the US Gulf of Mexico may incorporate components made in Scotland and Norway, and an LNG plant planned for Mozambique may incorporate equipment made in Japan, China, Singapore, and the US.

Wherever equipment is made, PPI is a leader in third-party inspection of energy equipment and components at the manufacturer or vendor. Third-party inspectors ensure the vendors are following the correct process and complying with the applicable standards (specified by the customer, or general industry standards). These checks can happen during manufacturing, at manufacturing release, during transportation, and when equipment and components arrive where they will be used. Third-party inspection can be a one-off service, or PPI’s experts can work alongside your team or serve as your advocate.

PPI also offers quality auditing services to perform an objective and unbiased assessment of compliance with applicable standards such as customer requirements, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, API Q1, and Q2. Audits help ensure compliance with these requirements, minimizing the risk of non-compliance penalties, reputational damage, and legal complications. Audits can dramatically improve business performance and reliability, as well as identify, reduce, and eliminate potential risk. Customers for this service include the operator/owner commissioning the equipment, as well as the vendors themselves choosing to self-audit for improvement.

As a separate service, PPI team members consult with vendors to develop process maps and workflows to ensure effective implementation of internal work processes. Operations Excellence professionals suggest tools and services as requested and provide hands-on assistance in improving operational function and processes.

PPI’s worldwide customer base includes supermajor oil and gas companies as well as internationally known EPC companies. PPI offers services from offices in Houston, Texas; Lafayette, Louisiana; Port of Spain, Trinidad; London, UK; Perth, Western Australia; and Singapore.

We have also teamed up with other Kiwa companies around the world to provide services to their customers.

PPI is your reliable energy-industry partner to ensure equipment quality and reliability.

For more information about our services or advice from our experts, visit www.ppiquality.com