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Tank Storage: custom fit solutions

A custom fit answer, in line with regulations and the highest standards – this is what Kiwa offers its clients in the Tank Storage market.

Across the world, flat bottom storage tanks are used on a broad range of locations, varying from storage terminals to refineries to process industry. The maintenance cycle starts as soon as a tank is built and put into operations. From regular inspection to Reliability Centred Maintenance and Risk Based Inspection leading to Probabilistic Preventive Maintenance: Kiwa offers a broad range of services for owners, manufacturers and users.

Confident and flexible

Kiwa offers its specialised service packages for the tank storage sector in nine European countries. High competence, custom solutions and an innovative approach are key.

“You are no better than your last job,” states Bjarne Fynbo of Kiwa Denmark. “The best solution for the question at hand, that’s the starting point of every Kiwa project.” Bjarne sees Kiwa as a unique place to work, with a lot of possibilities for his own professional development as well as high expectations to perform. “Our clients expect a confident and flexible company. There is a lot of money involved in the business of tank storage. To get tanks operating in time is of the utmost importance to these companies. They need a flexible partner to work with, a partner that operates with confidence, and delivers on time. We aim to be that partner.”


Bjarne Fynbo calibrating the MFL Silverwing floor scanner used for tank inspection.

Applying the correct maintenance and inspection cycles can prolong the lifetime of a tank. Bjarne is one of the over 15 certified EEMUA assessors Kiwa has working throughout Europe to assist clients on these inspection and maintenance cycles. EEMUA 159 CompeTank® is the official EEMUA training, assessment and certification scheme for tank integrity assessors, engineers, managers and others responsible for process safety. Regulators worldwide use EEMUA certification as an example of what good practice looks like.

A way of thinking

“EEMUA is a way of thinking: what is the best solution for the problem at hand? Starting point are the regulations and standards. Then the question follows: what does this client need? Custom fit solutions with a plan for the future,” says Bjarne. “EEMUA stands for quality. It is part of the quality we as Kiwa stand for. The demand for EEMUA certification is growing in Denmark and abroad; the market asks for it. Clients want inspection done up to standard.”

It is the combination of certification, high standards and personal relations that form the success of the approach. “The feedback clients give us is very important to keep on developing our Kiwa services and operations; their input makes us better and smarter. It often is in the small things: building on personal relations and trust, taking time to discuss the bill for instance and show clients what they pay for. We aim to build long-term relations.”

Bjarne concludes with the story of one of his projects. A company Kiwa has worked with for over fifteen years gives him a call: can you help us with a 40-year-old tank? “With all the regulations and environmental regulations we looked at these old storage tanks. Do they need replacement or can we improve maintenance? In this case we concluded that with the proper maintenance they can continue the use of these tanks. With this advice we have saved the company a lot of time and money.”