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The growing world of wearable tech!

How has wearable tech changed your life? Wearable tech has been used for many years now to make tasks either more efficient or to promote healthy living but would have undergone rigorous testing and regulatory compliance prior to being placed on the global market.

Increasing role wearables

From streamlining logistics in a warehouse, or driving cost reductions on a retail floor, to realizing health benefits in the gym, or simply enhancing leisure in the home, Wearable Technology is playing an ever increasing role in modern life - helping businesses improve their operational efficiency, and enriching the lives and health of everyday consumers.

Add to this the IoT (Internet of Things) boom driving even greater innovation and opportunity in Wearables Technology, and the scene was already well set for significant growth in the wearables sector.

Enter Coronavirus, and Wearables Technology finds itself at the forefront in the global battle against Covid-19, the mature and proven technology, lending itself to being rapidly repurposed for a new generation of safety wearables - personal social distancing devices for use in the office, factory or industrial plant.

Regulatory compliance

As the majority of these devices are equipped with some form of RF technology, such as, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Ultrawide Band (UWB), WLAN, along with wireless charging mechanisms which many such devices have, they are subject to international regulatory Type Approval both at an EU and FCC level, and at a national level in individual countries.

From a simple ring, or glove worn barcode scanner, a WWAN equipped watch, or a BTLE social distancing safety wearable; every industrial manufacturer needs help with the regulatory Type Approval of Wearable Technology before putting wearables on (international) markets.

Product Compliance Specialists, part of Kiwa UK, with over 45,000 approvals to their name, a team of dedicated compliance professionals, and full in-house engineering support can support all manufacturers with their Wearable Tech Type Approval needs.