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  • 2 min
    How building inspection can literally save lives

    Whether an industrial production hall, an office or a residential tower, a building must be safe for people to work and live in. In Germany, the VDI 6200 Directive is the comprehensive building inspection guideline. Kiwa Germany’s Engineering team is intimately familiar with it.

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  • Kiwa inspector conducting Safety Culture Ladder certification audit in a factory
    3 min
    All hands on deck for safety

    With the Safety Culture Ladder (SCL) organizations can gradually increase their employees' safety awareness and reduce the number of accidents in the workplace. This is still necessary, even in civil engineering, where Dutch infrastructure specialist Van Vulpen is active. The company has been certified at SCL level 4 for several years. Jaco van der Ree, a safety expert at Van Vulpen, explains more about it.

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  • 4 min
    Building a circular construction industry: the role of certification

    As circularity becomes more prominent in the construction business, we will need ways to measure and monitor its effectiveness – including through testing, inspection and certification.

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