Why we support the Dutch women’s rowing teams

There are several reasons why we support rowing, or in particular the Dutch rowing ladies. We recognize ourselves very much in the ambitions of the team to be a world-class player. It is about (sporting) quality, ambition, improving yourself, working closely together and achieving the highest attainable. In addition, just like rowers, Kiwa wants to convert resistance (of water) into progress. Another important reason why Kiwa likes to support rowing, is because it is a very socially responsible sport: it does not cause harmful emissions or waste.

Photo: The Dutch Women's Eight rowing ladies together with Kiwa's George Mentjox and Charlotte Geers during their training camp in Italy, August 2019.

Kiwa has been supporting Dutch rowing for many years; we also sponsored the Men’s Eight Dutch rowing team in the past, who have won gold at the 1996 Olympic Games.