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A student's search for a suitable internship is not always easy. But once you get the right match, there is a lot to be gained for both parties. 21-year-old student Flora Bennis, who has just completed her internship in the field of marketing communications at Kiwa Netherlands, tells more.

What is your study background?

“After high school I started with an intermediate vocational education called International Business Studies. During my study I did two internships with internationally oriented companies. This is where my love for working in international business started. After I attained my degrees, I decided to continue studying for my Bachelor’s degree in Commercial Economics, in the field of Global Marketing and Sales. I like to take a look behind the scenes at companies, to learn and contribute and to meet new people. That is why I am glad that I am allowed to do several internships during this study as well! In August 2021, I started as marketing communication intern at the Building and Civil Engineering Division of Kiwa Netherlands.”


How did you find the right spot?

“Finding a suitable internship is not always easy – and not just because of Covid-19. It is important to find a matching organization in which you feel you can learn a lot but also make a real contribution to. I was given several options, but with some I felt like they could use a temporary, low-cost full-time person to fill some gaps in staffing. I love hard work and want to help where I can, but the learning element of an internship is still paramount.”

“After I posted on LinkedIn that I was looking for an internship, someone from my network linked me to my future internship supervisor at Kiwa, Stefanie Knijnenburg. She invited me for an interview, which was a very positive experience. During the interview I felt that Kiwa saw my potential. Besides that, it gave me a feeling that the supervision and guidance would be really good. I walked out with the biggest smile on my face. The international aspect and opportunities that I could get out of my internship eventually tied the knot for me.”

“You learn the most from doing things yourself, and at my spot I was fully involved in the process. All in all, I have gained experience in many areas of marketing communication and sales, including creating marketing plans and website content, executing marketing campaigns, writing newsletters and sales instructions, and many other tasks. I also contributed to a global marketing automation project, initiated by the Corporate Communication department.”

What is special about Kiwa?

“What I like about Kiwa is that you can go anywhere within the company. If you have certain ambitions or goals, and you show that you have the ability to make them happen, Kiwa is open to offer you opportunities. Which brings me to another benefit: as Kiwa is active in such a wide variety of markets worldwide, there are just as many options to explore and specialize in – on a national or international level.”

“Furthermore, I feel that Kiwa really helps to build a better world. They’re actually doing a lot to help organizations build more sustainable operations practices, for example. If you are looking to help make a change, in whatever industry, Kiwa is the place to be.”

“I’ve also noticed that Kiwa invests much time and effort in people. A good example is the Ambassadors project that I was involved in. This project helps people to grow and expand their abilities within Kiwa, which ultimately helps Kiwa to grow and develop.“

Do you see a future at Kiwa?

“I do picture a future at Kiwa. Luckily, Kiwa feels the same way! I was asked to stay after my internship as a part-time office employee. So, I now have the opportunity to gain more working experience besides my studies. It all nicely ties in!”

At Kiwa, we love to work with enthusiastic interns from different backgrounds who are eager to learn and get to know Kiwa. Interns not only learn from us, but we can also learn a lot from them; insights about what younger generations are concerned about, but also, for example, how we can make them enthusiastic about coming to work for Kiwa.

Interested in an internship at Kiwa? Check out our Careers website or inquire at the Kiwa office in your country.