Working at Kiwa: Eduardo Alvaro

Eduardo Alvaro joined Kiwa Latin America in 2017 and is now working as Business Unit Manager for Kiwa CYD and a Project Coordinator in the field of process harmonization, IT implementation, commercial activity development and the improvement of quality management systems. Eduardo is also coordinator of an international Social Compliance Audit Services development project, working together with Kiwa experts from The Netherlands, Sweden and Turkey. Since February 2021 Eduardo is also particpating in Kiwa's global Technical Platform for Certification.

Development through various functions

‘In 2016 I finished my masters in Economics and Administration with a focus on Agroindustry at Escuela Superior Politécnica de Chimborazo in Ecuador. After this I worked as languages teacher at the university. Although it was a nice job, I wanted to apply the knowledge I obtained from my studies and gain experience in the field of certification and auditing. In 2017, I applied for a regional assistant position at Kiwa BCS Öko-Garantie in Ecuador. They offer agricultural product certification services and this office serves as a regional base to the other Kiwa Latin America offices. Luckily, I got the job and was able to develop myself within the organization through various functions. In 2018, I became responsible for GlobalG.A.P. and in January 2020, I started my current position as Project Coordinator.

What is special about Kiwa

‘I enjoy the challenge from working in a fast-growing company like Kiwa. There is plenty of space for training and new proposals. Nice examples are the development of social audit business and our ongoing Flow! project, a business change program, with a strong ICT backbone. It demands a lot from you, but it is worth it. Kiwa´s growth is evident as you find numerous ongoing development projects all around the globe.’

Opening perspectives

‘In my daily activities I connect with colleagues and other people from different cultures. To learn about people’s culture and their needs and how global markets evolve keeps me on my toes. It opens my perspective on how to make things work better.’

‘The company is very agile when adapting to changes comes to the table. You can notice this for example by the frequent training we receive on new systems, in the field of technology, but also quality management and personnel management.’

Future at Kiwa

‘Kiwa is one of the leading companies in the TIC sector. This is because Kiwa does things differently. Not only by following existing best practices, but also developing new best practices for the TIC sector. Kiwa allows talented and skilled people to help develop the business, the company and themselves. Kiwa is an ambitious company with reliable and committed personnel that designs their own paths to exceed expectations of its clients and industries. For this, I see myself as part of this challenging environment, now and hopefully in the future.’