Working at Kiwa: Francesco Rossi

Six years ago, Francesco Rossi started at Kiwa as a Communications Intern, and has worked his way up to Communications Manager of Kiwa Italy. Francesco is a great example of someone who has made a well-deserved career at Kiwa thanks to his dedication, hard work, skills and knowledge.

Start at Kiwa

‘During my study Marketing and Management at Bologna University, I did a study exchange in Paris for a year. A really exciting period, because I like to make friends outside the borders and visit other countries. Even then I realized that working for an international company in the future would certainly be an option for me.’

‘Besides my studies, I worked as a freelance consultant, supporting small companies on marketing challenges they were facing at that time. After obtaining my Bachelor Degree, I was in doubt whether I should get my Master's degree or start gaining work experience. Unexpectedly I had a job interview at Kiwa and then here starts my Kiwa story.’

Developing managing skills

‘After working as Communications Officer for a couple of years, I became Communications Manager for Kiwa Italia in January 2019. I like challenges and the possibility to have become a reference point for the team has been a stimulating and exciting professional opportunity for me. Another great challenge I took on around that time was the role of Team Leader of Kiwa’s International Social Media Project. This project aimed to develop a common framework and a common strategy for Kiwa social media activities for the next years, to be able to show the market and our customers that we are one Kiwa. A real starting point for some countries that hadn’t already experienced social media marketing tools. And an exciting experience for me, during which I had the opportunity to work closely with some of my international Kiwa colleagues.’

The special thing about Kiwa

‘Over few years, my work has led me to collaborate with a diversified group of professionals and businesses, developing a diversified knowledge in many sector and niches. I never stop learning and for me, it’s something that makes my job never boring or repetitive. Moreover, in these years I learnt to understand the Kiwa organization both from a national and an international perspective. Kiwa gives its people the possibility to grow, personally and professionally, within a multicultural and internationalize context.’

‘Kiwa is an organization where challenges are always just around the corner, and where the energy and the engagement of everyone are the key to success in a strongly international and dynamic environment. Teamwork, passion and enjoyment are the truly incredible strengths of Kiwa, that today is founded on a positive corporate culture, ambition, reliability and commitment.’

Part of the innovation

‘As communications department, we are often involved in the development of new services and the related communication strategies. As a partner for progress, Kiwa always looks to the future, anticipating market trends to be always a step forward with respect to the market. As Communications Manager I can proudly say that we never stop learning to communicate and share properly the know-how that our professionals offer to the market.’

Future at Kiwa

‘I want to continue to grow in terms of skills, knowledge and professionalism. And there’s still a lot to learn from the more experienced managers that surround me, and I am more than willing to receive the best from anyone who wants to support me in this growth path. Who knows what the future will bring!’