Kiwa is one of the worldwide leading companies, if it comes to the testing, inspection and certification of mineral construction products, like:

  • Concrete and it´s raw materials (cement, aggregates, additives, fly ash, silica fume, slag etc.)
  • All kinds of concrete products (precast, lightweight, autoclaved aerated etc.)
  • Pipes, tanks and ancillaries
  • Gypsum
  • Building lime and other hydraulic binders
  • Masonry and related products, masonry units, mortars and ancillaries
  • Flat glass, profiled glass and glass block products
  • and many more

As a notified body, we offer our services according the European technical specifications for the CE-marking, but also according to national standards. We are using our international Kiwa network to offer our services worldwide on all continents.

In-situ concrete

For in-situ concrete, we inspect and certify for example according to national standards. Furthermore, we have all the testing facilities for in-situ testing and laboratory testing, like strength, durability, chemical composition, microscopy, thermal properties, chemical resistance etc.

Tailor made technical assessments

And if you are not happy with the harmonized European specifications, we offer you to create your own European Technical Assessment ETA and European Assessment Document EAD with our own Technical Assessment Body TAB at Kiwa. Please contact us – we will find a way.

You see: Kiwa is your one-stop-shop for mineral construction products!

Kiwa | Your partner in testing, inspecting and certifying minerals

Our services in the field of minerals

  • Kiwa supports you with all services concerning testing, inspection and certification of concrete according to EN 206 and concrete products. For in-situ concrete, we inspect and certify e.g., according to national standards. Furthermore, we have all the testing facilities for in-situ testing and laboratory testing.
  • Kiwa supports you in obtaining the necessary certification and carries out the annual inspection of the plant as well as regular audit testing of your products in accordance with the prescribed standards.
  • The quality of aggregates and fillers is defined in the product standards EN 12620 (concrete), EN 13043 (asphalt), EN 13242 (unbound and hydraulically bound building materials) or EN 13383-1 (armour stone) depending on the field of application. Kiwa tests aggregates with several methods.
  • Gypsum products certification with Kiwa: ensure and improve your performance, meet customers’ needs and prove the quality of your products and systems. With certified products, you are assured of the use of products that meet minimum product performances and quality requirements.
  • Kiwa is a notified body and accredited testing laboratory for insulation glass (EN 1279); safety glass (EN 12150, EN 1863, EN 14179, EN 14449); coated glass (EN 1096). Kiwa performs the EN 12600 pendulum test for the classification of flat glass, as well as additional test on the frame of a window.
  • Kiwa is your partner for the certification, inspection and testing. As a notified body, we certify your products for the CE-marking. We test in our own, accredited laboratories.