About Kiwa PI Berlin

A Reliable Partner for the PV Industry

Our mission
We empower the energy transition by bringing technical expertise to the solar industry.

The vision we have
To be a leading technical advisor in the race to global energy sustainability.

Our core values

  • Collaboration – we share our expertise and work respectfully with each other to sustain a positive workplace environment and serve our customers.
  • Integrity – our customers and stakeholders rely on our honest, independent and impartial advice.
  • Passion – our commitment to global energy sustainability is reflected in our work ethic and service to our customers.

Key PV Services Around the World

Kiwa PI Berlin – The worldwide leading trusted technical advisor, risk manager and quality assurance provider for photovoltaic power plants and equipment. Having our own laboratories enables us to take a close look at the PV modules in a short time. We easily can either pull modules directly from the production line or investigating failures in the field without much delay.