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PV Systems

Kiwa PI Berlin expertise and advice encompasses development, construction, and operation phases with meticulous attention. In the development phase, the journey from conceptualization to detailed planning is guided with care and expertise. During construction, emphasis is placed on the meticulous setup of the plant, ensuring that all components meet specified quality standards on-site. Finally, in the operational phase, comprehensive support is provided to address any unexpected issues and gain insights into system status, ensuring smooth functionality and optimization.

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Field inspections PV systems

Around the globe, we test PV systems according to their performance and uncover faults and give recommendations on how to remedy them. Our experts have the most modern testing equipment and analysis tools at their disposal.

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Due Diligence PV Systems

Through our experience and knowledge from our factory audits and our laboratory tests, we have developed systematic assessment of key aspects of PV systems for you. Use our expertise to carry out your PV project in the best possible way.

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Preliminary Engineering PV systems

Our preliminary engineering services for PV systems support you with feasibility and yield studies. Benefit from our know-how and see to what extent your project can be implemented or where there is potential for improvement.

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