In the case of flammable and hazardous liquids, a tank certified according to this Evaluation Guideline also contributes to the realization of a negligible soil risk and the prevention of risks to the environment and unusual incidents, or, where this is not possible, limit the risks to the environment as much as possible. Installation of these tanks is carried out by an installation company that is certified in accordance with Evaluation Guideline BRL SIKB 7800/BRL-K903 "Tank installations".

For whom?

BRL-K756/03 Vertical steel tanks for above ground storage of liquids up to a maximum of 150 m3 is intended for manufacturers/suppliers of liquid tanks.

When is it necessary?

BRL-K756/03 is intended for products which are used for the storage of liquids. In many cases this concerns soil-harming liquids, as well as flammable and hazardous liquids. The scope includes:

  • Stationary aboveground pressure less (atmospheric) storage;
  • Vertical cylindrical arrangement with support;
  • Maximum capacity 150.000 liters;
  • The dimensions of the tank, diameter and height are limited by functionality, requirements in the design standard and the maximum capacity of 150.000 litres;
  • Single or double-walled steel version;
  • A design temperature suitable for the design and suitable for the stored medium.

BRL-K756/03 does not apply to:

  • Tanks with a design pressure greater than 0,5 bar;
  • Tanks whose bottom rests on a foundation;
  • Process tanks;
  • Underground storage;
  • Tanks with compartments;
  • Cryogenic applications;
  • Tanks for transport.


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This Evaluation Guideline is only available in Dutch.