PAS 55 stands for “Publicly Available Specification”, number 55, and was introduced by the BSI British Standards. In the process leading to the certification, Kiwa can create added value on many different levels. In this way, Kiwa Technology can offer excellent support with consultancy in the setting-up of the necessary processes and systems, then Kiwa Nederland can carry out the entire certification process.

Experience and Knowledge

Kiwa Technology has acquired extensive experience with the requirements for and implementation of NTA 8120, PAS 55 and NTA 8000 for asset management in electricity and gas network companies:

• Gap analyses for PAS 55, NTA 8120 and NTA 8000.
• Setting up a Risk Management System.
• Consultancy and guidance in respect of PAS 55, NTA 8120 and NTA 8000 for network companies (e.g. Liander, Endinet, Delta, Cogas and Rendo) and the petrochemical industry.
• Quality and safety audits.
• Advice on replacement strategies.

Furthermore, Kiwa contributes to management of ‘the Amsterdam - Schiphol pipeline’.

And additionally …

Extensive experience and knowledge of technology and safety in relation to pipeline systems:

• Knowledge of many materials & compounds (in-house laboratory).
• Extensive experience with damage investigation.
• Advice on cathodic protection. 
• Making network calculations. ( )
• Knowledge of safety (technical, human and organisational). 

Kiwa Technology is a group of experienced professionals who create value for the operators of infrastructure networks and plants in the gas, water and heat energy sectors and for their suppliers and the associated supervisory bodies. We achieve this by deploying a powerful combination of technical and business economics knowledge in the area of installing and managing these networks and systems and the materials and products that they incorporate.

In addition, we offer unique added value in that we can substantiate our advice and innovative solutions with research and tests, which we carry out in our own modern and fully equipped laboratories.