This service is used by construction companies, contractors and civil engineers.

How is a plate bearing test done?

The test consists of loading a steel plate of known diameter and recording the settlements obtained at set load increments. The size of the plate depends upon the particle size of the material being tested and the available plant on site to act as kentledge. Load is applied through the plate to the area being tested. By measuring the load/area and plotting the corresponding pressure against the ground deformation, the load bearing capacity and the settlement behaviour of the ground can be evaluated.

How long does it take to get the results?

On an average site we would aim to carry out around 6-8 plate bearing tests in a day. Verbal results are available immediately with the written report usually emailed the following day.

  • We're based in Derby, in The Midlands, and operate all over the UK
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  • Our plate bearing test reports are usually being issued within one working day of the site visit.