FCC authorization process

The FCC equipment authorization procedure is as follows. In some cases a different route can be used e.g. the sDoc route. For more information contact us:

FCC testing by Kiwa

Kiwa’s is equipped with state-of-the-art test facilities and is an FCC recognized accredited testing laboratory. We test the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and wireless data communication aspects of a wide range of electronic devices. We are able to perform tests according to different FCC rule parts such as Part 15, 18, 22, 24 & 27. Under these parts technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, cellular and consumer ISM equipment can be tested.

Testing procedure

In order to test your product our test laboratory must be able to do the following:

  • Control the radio (module);
  • Adjust TX Frequency, L, M and H (modulated and unmodulated);
  • Adjust TX Power (preferrable);
  • Must be able to be set in RX Only mode (must be able to operate in Idle mode and with notification of reception).

Sample requirements

  • At least 2 samples are needed for EMC and RF measurements;
  • One worst-case sample (incl. all cables, options etc.);
  • One sample must be able to be put in test mode;
  • (extra) Conducted sample is preferred (pigtail, u.FL connector etc.).

FCC Certification by Kiwa

Kiwa is a FCC recognized Telecommunication Certification Body (TCB). We will check your technical construction file incl. test reports, documentation such as manuals and drawings and your declaration of conformity. If it is all in line with the FCC regulations, Kiwa can issue an FCC certification for your product. In order to issue an FCC certificate a manufacturer or importer must be listed in the FCC database. They must have an FCC FRN number and grantee code. Kiwa can help you to get this FRN number and Grantee code.