Enexis Netbeheer - Michiel van Dam

Michiel van Dam
Role: Distributed Systems Operator Architect
Working with: Kiwa Technology, the Netherlands

What does your company do?

"Enexis is a regional gas network operator. As we transition to new forms of renewable energy, we will face many challenges - including how to reliably distribute biomethane that's being produced at multiple sources. Since 2011 we have gone from working with 2 to 12 biomethane producers. I am responsible for ensuring the grid can cope with this increasingly decentralized production."

What services or products do you buy?

"Traditional gas grids operate one-way from high pressure to low pressure. But the biomethane suppliers produce gas at the smaller lower pressure grids. This means if gas consumption falls, such as in the summer, they can't put more gas in. We are partnering with Kiwa Technology to develop a compressor station that adapts the grid so the gas can flow from low to high pressure."

Why did you choose Kiwa?

"Through this partnership, and working with other network operators within the framework of Netbeheer Nederland, we aim to develop an industry standard. This will be beneficial for everyone - they will all be working with equipment of the same quality, and manufacturers will be able to produce them in bulk for multiple customers"

How do you judge this relationship?

"Kiwa has supplied us with valuable knowledge in areas we didn't have it. They're the science guys and we apply the knowledge: together we are developing specifications for manufacturing the compressor."