Grupo Angel Camacho - Juan Camachio Bilbao

Juan Camachio Bilbao
Role: Chief Purchasing Manager at Grupo Angel Camacho
Working with Kiwa: since 2014

What does your company do?

"Grupo Angel Camacho is a solid, innovative family-owned company. We produce and pack olives, olive oil, jams, teas, capers and other products."

What services or products do you buy?

"Kiwa helps us to audit our suppliers, guaranteeing the safety and quality of all the products we buy. Kiwa has been a very important third party in our innovation project called "Camacho Integra" - a program through which we control the whole supply chain, from the farm to the consumer's table, to ensure more than 2,000 suppliers meet our food safety requirements."

Why did you choose Kiwa?

"For me Kiwa is one of the best independent certification companies, with extensive experience in farming and strong knowledge of auditing the supply chain."

How do you judge this relationship?

"Great! We work with a young and veryexperienced team at Kiwa, who have a very simple and effective method of working, helping to do difficult things easily."

What would you suggest Kiwa could improve?

"Well, times are changing; I suggest you keep innovating and leading your category."