Miika Mäkital
Role: CEO
Based in: Finland
Working with Kiwa: since 2015

What does your company do?

"M-Files is a software company, and we have a new approach to digital information management without using folders - an item can be found by what it is, not where it is. This is very different to traditional approaches, and customers may use it in the cloud or on-premises. The leading market analysts have ranked us as one of the top vendors in the world in our field, so quality is very important to us."

What services or products do you buy?

"We work with Kiwa Inspecta auditors on ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 - the cloud security standard. We have customers in regulated industries and they value - and even require - their vendors to have quality standards. ISO 27001 is not huge in the market yet, but it's a big asset when we are talking to our customers, saying we know the best ways of working in the cloud securely."

Why did you choose Kiwa?

"For several reasons. First of all, the auditors' understanding of the software and IT industry was a big asset. It is important to us that our ways of working are certified by a respected body, so our customers know we have good working processes and we're compliant with standards and guidelines. And Kiwa Inspecta was one of the few bodies offering ISO 27001 certification."

What do you value most in your relationship with Kiwa?

"The customer mindset. The auditors are not here as inquisitors or playing devil's advocate looking for problems; they are here working with us and thinking how we could improve. They understand what's important, what is needed, and what would make a difference for our customers. They see the big picture and understand where we are as a company. It has been such a fruitful partnership"

What would you suggest Kiwa could improve?

"To be honest I can't think of anything; I've been so happy with everything we've done together and the auditors have been outstanding."