P. Hughes Construction Ltd. - Ryan Hughes

Ryan Hughes
Role: Contracts manager
Based in: United Kingdom
Working with Kiwa: for many years

What does your company do?

“It’s a groundworks and civil engineering company. It’s a family company, this is our 30th year of trading. We specialise in foundations, roads and sewers, earthworks and much more.”

What services or products do you buy?

“We mostly work together for California bearing ratio (CBR) testing and plate testing to determine the strength of the ground. Kiwa does this before we work on roads and sewers; they are generally our first port of call before we do any works on site. The results dictate how we’re going to work.”

Why did you choose Kiwa?

“We’ve used Kiwa for years. It’s a relationship we’ve built up with a lot of the lads on site, myself included, all the directors and contracts managers. Kiwa is our first port of call. They’re always reliable, always there when they say they’ll be there and the results are given to us in the correct manner. It’s a company you can rely on.”

What do you value most in your relationship with Kiwa?

“When we need them, they’re there. There’s never an issue that they can’t be there for a few days. When we do the testing on-site, we all work together – they’re easy to get on with and it’s a good quality service we get from them, so we keep coming back.”

What would you suggest Kiwa could improve?

“Being honest, there’s very little. If we felt there was a need for improvement, we’d let people know, but there’s nothing we’ve ever had an issue with them about.”