Kiwa Training: What can Kiwa do for you?

Preparing yourself

Our courses help you to enhance quality, safety, efficiency, health and sustainability, both in your personal or professional performance and in the organisational development of operations, products and services. They also help better prepare you for new demands, (legal) requirements and challenges. That way, you'll be well equipped and informed to achieve your goals and to embark on new ventures.

Developing yourself - and more

Seminars, trainings and other kinds of education help you develop yourself, your skills, your knowledge. They also provide an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with peers from other industries and organisations. Participating in events like these proves to be one of the best ways to expand your network and share thoughts with others, as well an excellent way to keep up with trends and new requirements.

How we educate you

We strive for an optimal balance between transferring knowledge and obtaining and developing skills based on that knowledge. That is why our training courses, seminars, education trajectories and other educational activities combine theory with hands-on practical application.

Participating is easy

You can access our knowledge in many different ways. A major part of our training activities take place on-site or in-company at your office or working location, others in our dedicated training facilities all over the world. You can join and participate as an individual or as a group of colleagues. Especially because of the Corona pandemic many of our trainings are available remote or via e-learning.

Our trainers know your market

All our trainers have strong theoretical expertise and extensive practical industry and market experience within their (and your) area of expertise. They are of course capable of turning their knowledge into understandable and interesting information that includes a variety of practical examples you can use instantly to improve yourself, your daily work and your organisation as a whole.

We connect with the world

It's not only our trainers who have a solid link with industries and markets. We cooperate and connect with a great number of branch and umbrella organisations to ensure our training courses are up-to-date and to adapt them where possible or necessary. That way, we can always educate you according to the latest requirements and educational developments.

We help you prove you are up-to-date

It's ever more important you stay up-to-date with developments in your areas of expertise and can prove you are up to the minute. That is why we register, check and monitor your professional skills and competencies in dedicated databases that can be accessed to check your qualifications.


What can Kiwa educate me in?

Kiwa can train you in a wide variety of subjects to develop your knowledge, skills and capabilities. Our trainers are accessible all over the world, either through our dedicated training locations, on-site, in-company or through online learning. Our training courses can lead to recognised certifications or enable you to work towards certification of systems and products in your own company. Here are just a few examples of subjects we can offer you education in, ranging from one-day courses to extensive programmes. Enter a search term in the search box to see what we can offer you.

  • Energy and (solid) fuel distribution and installations activities: installing, maintaining and servicing for gas, cooling, heating and electricity systems.
  • Drinking water distribution and installations activities: installing, maintaining and servicing.
  • Food safety and security for various stages of the food supply chain.
  • Quality management and quality (management) systems standards for a broad range of market segments, including education for internal auditing.
  • Healthcare and medical standards for both healthcare and using devices.
  • Safety in the broadest sense, including risk management, alarm systems, fire safety, gas safety and more.
  • Technology in the broadest sense, from materials technology to welding to coating.
  • Hazardous substances prevention and management, for example legionella prevention.