How sustainability can expand your business

I have seen that the demand to sustainable products and services has increased a lot over the last years and became a top priority topic for international governments, organizations and society. The Paris Agreement from 2016 is for me one of the biggest drivers towards serious changes concerning the climate. Over 170 countries agreed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and limit the global temperature. The market is asking for more sustainable production because the end consumers are demanding more sustainable products.

All the developments in corporate social responsibility are important for the future of an organization and changes are inevitable. It is likely that (European) regulations concerning sustainable sourcing of building materials will be launched in the (near)future. I have seen that most companies aren’t sure when and how to start changing operations to a more sustainable way.

The concrete industry is facing an increased pressure to become more sustainable from the market and I understand why. As an example, concrete mortar is the worlds’ second most used product after water. The production of concrete consumes huge amounts of water and energy. I think it is possible to change processes into a more sustainable way.

The concrete sustainability council (CSC)-certification system helps companies and the whole sector to become more sustainable. As an organization in concrete, the CSC certification system is a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition. In my opinion sustainability is not a problem for an organization but it is a powerful marketing tool. By demonstrating leadership on sustainability and responsible sourcing, goodwill will be gained.

CSC-certified organizations benefit on the longer term from green procurements because CSC helps companies to be prepared for future regulations about sustainable sourcing. I understand it is difficult to change the way of operating on short term, so it is always smart to be prepared.