• Water services

    Society depends on clean, safe and healthy drinking water and good waste water processing. Kiwa plays a leading role across the water industry by making the quality and safety of products visible in the marketplace. Our extensive certification, testing, inspection and guidance service portfolio enables you to effectively manage your product approvals, reach out to new markets and ensure customers confidence all around the world.

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    Drinking water
  • Hydrogen Services

    Kiwa, thanks to our expertise in the gas sector and to our wide knowledge of related infrastructures, has a unique stance in the hydrogen market. We are active at national and international levels for technical assistance, testing, inspection and certification of solutions dedicated to the complete hydrogen supply chain.

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  • HVAC Services

    Our HVAC testing and certification services range from mandatory testing for CE regulations, to specialized testing and certification for global approvals, and include calibration and product surveillance.

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    Gas flames