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BS 6920: A Foundation for Water Safety

In an increasingly interconnected and global world, the importance of clean and safe drinking water cannot be overstated. Every drop that flows from taps into homes, schools, and workplaces should meet the highest standards of quality to ensure the well-being of communities. At Kiwa, we take on the responsibility of upholding these standards. Many countries have their own standards or regulations in place to address the safety of materials used in drinking water systems. In the United Kingdom, adherence to the BS 6920 standard serves as the guiding framework. 

Protection of water quality 

BS 6920 stands as a cornerstone in the protection of water quality. It sets out guidelines for the testing and assessment of non-metallic materials used in water supply and treatment systems. These materials encompass a wide range, including pipes, fittings, seals, coatings, and more. The core objective of BS 6920 is simple yet profound: to ensure that these materials do not introduce harmful substances into drinking water. 

In short: If a manufacturer wants to sell products that come into contact with drinking water on the UK market, they generally need to ensure that their products comply with the Water Regulation 4 and the material BS 6920 standard. The standard acknowledges that even minute leaching of contaminants can have far-reaching consequences on public health. By adhering to BS 6920, one creates a robust defense against waterborne pollutants, underscoring our dedication to safeguarding communities.  

Kiwa's role in water safety 

"Water has deep roots in Kiwa's origins, intertwined within our DNA and woven into the fabric of our corporate identity”, said Marco van Brink, International Business Manager Water at Kiwa. If you look at our logo, you’ll see a beaver, which represents a number of things. Beavers are commonly found in a natural, healthy and clean water environment; many of the services we provide are to ensure safe and clean water.  

Kiwa's commitment to water safety also comes to the fore in certifying materials under BS 6920. Our multidisciplinary teams of experts meticulously assess the potential of materials to leach harmful substances into drinking water. At the hygienic lab of excellence this assessment is conducted under varying conditions, simulating real-world scenarios to ensure accuracy and relevance. 

Marco van Brink adds: “Our rigorous testing process is designed not only to identify potential issues but also to provide solutions. The testing or certificate serves as a seal of approval, assuring consumers, manufacturers, and regulators that the materials in question have undergone thorough scrutiny and passed all applicable requirements." 

Global impact: crossing borders for quality 

Water is a universal resource, transcending geographical boundaries. Kiwa's adherence to BS 6920 is no different. With a global presence, our commitment to water safety extends to every corner of the world. Whether in Europe, the Americas, Asia, or beyond, our dedication to ensuring safe drinking water remains unwavering. 

By operating on an international scale, Kiwa actively contributes to harmonizing water quality standards. Our efforts assist in aligning practices and raising the bar for quality assurance in water systems, benefitting communities everywhere.  

Elevating industry standards: A collaborative effort 

Marco van Brink said: “Our involvement in certifying materials under BS 6920 is not just about raising the bar for industry standards – it's about forging collaborative partnerships. We work closely with manufacturers, regulators, and other stakeholders to collectively ensure the materials used in drinking water systems are of the highest quality. 

Through collaboration and cooperation, we drive innovation and continuous improvement in material design and manufacturing. By providing actionable feedback and insights, we help manufacturers refine their products, ultimately contributing to safer and more reliable water supply systems.

Marco adds: “We understand that time is of the essence for our clients, and our streamlined delivery processes are designed to meet and exceed their expectations. With our favorable delivery times, we aim to provide a competitive edge, allowing our clients to receive their orders when they need them, reducing downtime and ensuring smoother operations.”  

A clear vision for the future

As we look ahead, Kiwa remains steadfast in its mission to be partner in water quality assurance. Marco van Brink concludes: “Through BS 6920, we lay the foundation for a future where waterborne contaminants are a thing of the past. By certifying materials that come into contact with drinking water, we contribute to the health and well-being of communities around the globe. 

Together, with BS 6920 as our guide, we stand united in our pursuit of a world where every sip of water is a testament to our commitment to public health, sustainability, and a brighter future. 

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