Rail and infrastructure asset management

If you have an interest in structured management of your railway assets that favours the potential for more conscious and strategic decisions, then we recommend you to also take into account the load bearing structures of your rail equipment. Such critical structures can be complete vehicles, car bodies, bogie frameworks, couplings, axles, rails, bridges etc. These high value, mechanical components are often made of steel, but even cast iron and aluminum are frequently used as material.

These components are subject to complex long-term degradation, for instance through fatigue and corrosion. Regular degradation control is crucial to avoid damages during the life time of these components.

The cost of remedying sustained damage is significant. For example because of the inevitable reduction of the availability of replacement parts, a need for complicated repairs and, in a worst-case scenario, legal disputes.

Benefits of structured asset management

With structured asset management of the load bearing structures of your railway assets, the right conditions are created to:

  • Make the right decisions on investments.
  • Coordinate actions that add substantial value to the operation as well as having the desired effects for the asset’s lifetime.
  • Plan appropriate maintenance, prior to the development of extensive damage that could become a serious threat or risk.
  • Achieve the required lifetime in a cost-effective manner.
  • Keep the cost of maintenance under control.
  • Extend the lifetime of your assets with the potential of considerable cost savings.

Illustration of the benefits of Structured Asset Management:

Kiwa's rail and infrastructure asset management service

For five years Kiwa has been conducting advanced services to the railway industry in Sweden. We have achieved significant results and have built trust and experience in analysis of load bearing structures in trains.

A profitable outcome requires a complex combination of several areas of expertise, that are integrated within a concept with strong LCC and asset management focus. Kiwa has built a concept for asset management that uniquely integrates the required skills to provide the best possible overall solution.

We adapt our way of working to where you are in your asset’s life cycle and your organization’s maturity in working with an asset management focus. We aim at useful results that lead to desirable changes in performance, cost and safety.

ISO 55000

Kiwa’s structured asset management concept for the Railway sector is an essential corner stone when following the ISO 55000 standard.

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