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Streamlining Testing, Inspection, and Certification with Kiwa Lab Capabilities

Businesses globally are increasingly pressured to meet rigorous quality and regulatory standards. At Kiwa, we recognize these challenges are plentiful. That’s why we have worked on developing a brand new tool to help equip our customers with easy access to our strong network of over 80 labs worldwide, with more than 3000 lab capabilities tailored to diverse sectors.

Moving forward for testing excellence

Here at Kiwa, we are committed to driving innovation and staying at the forefront of technology and industry advancements.

Kiwa Lab Capabilities is a significant milestone in our mission to support businesses in achieving their quality and compliance objectives. By providing a comprehensive and accessible platform for testing solutions, we strive to help you navigate regulatory complexities and keep ahead of the competition.

“As a TIC company, our mission is to make the world a little better. This involves testing products in our laboratories, which adhere to thousands of standards”. Says Ties Joosten, Infra & Sport Division Director and Leader of the of Kiwa’s Technical Platform Laboratories. “For instance, the road construction laboratory at Kiwa Apeldoorn in the Netherlands utilizes over 300 different standards and test methods. To manage this complexity, we developed Kiwa Lab Capabilities, making it easier than ever for customers to identify which Kiwa laboratory worldwide can assist them”.

Simplifying complexity

Kiwa Lab Capabilities, is a centralized hub for accessing information about Kiwa labs and our testing capabilities worldwide and in a single place.

As a leader in Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) services with a legacy of more than 75 years, we have extensive experience and an expansive global network, and we want to support our customers in accessing this.

Driving informed decisions in testing, inspection, and certification

Kiwa Lab Capabilities is strategic in that it connects our customers with the appropriate Kiwa branch and experts in their vicinity, ensuring awareness of the regulatory landscape.

The platform facilitates easy access to information, enabling our customers to make informed decisions and mitigate risks throughout the product lifecycle with our comprehensive TIC services.

Find experts in your region: global presence, locally available.

When it comes to verifying product performance, ensuring regulatory compliance, or enhancing quality control processes, our labs are ready to tackle a wide range of testing needs. Launching a new product into the market demands eliminating quality and safety risks. After all, establishing trust among potential customers or clients hinges on the product's reliable performance and adherence to local and international regulations.

“The testing or calibration service is often requested by manufacturers or companies that are familiar with the field of certification and quality control. This service allows them to speed up the request time, reducing unnecessary contacts and interfacing directly with the laboratories of interest” explains Greta Stefani, Test Engineer at Kiwa Italy. ‘"However, some customers are not accustomed to the testing or calibration domain and only seek these services when issues with products or instruments arise. (problems with products or instruments, for example). For them, it was necessary to create an easy-to-use platform, which would also allow them to move in a purely unfamiliar field, finding what they need quickly and easily.

With over 80 laboratories worldwide, we ensure proximity to your operations, whether in Europe or key manufacturing hubs in the Far East. Our expertise spans non-destructive and destructive testing methods, covering a broad spectrum of testing facilities, equipment, capabilities, and know-how. We use advanced techniques to uncover hidden defects and leverage the expertise of highly skilled personnel to interpret results effectively.

This ensures that we tailor our testing methods to suit your needs regardless of the object or its intended use while adhering to applicable local and international regulations and accreditations, delivering precise results.

Calibration and monitoring measurement devices is also a highly sort after service, covering parameters such as mass, volume, length, electricity, pressure, and temperature. Customers can also conveniently search for these services on the new lab capabilities platform.

How the tool works

Businesses can access our extensive testing expertise and resources by delving into our Lab Capabilities platform. The platform offers intuitive search functionality if you require specific tests or need test facilities in a particular location.

The tool allows you to access a wide range of capabilities, their standards (whether they are accredited or not), the name of the Kiwa branch that conducts the service, and the exact location of the branch globally. Moreover, you can filter by city and country, well as by test name, further streamlining the process.