Central Queensland Hydrogen (CQ-H2) Project: FEED Study

Located near Gladstone, in Central Queensland, Australia, the Central Queensland Hydrogen (CQ-H2) Project is Queensland’s largest renewable hydrogen project.

CQ-H2 involves the development of a hydrogen production facility, hydrogen gas pipeline and hydrogen liquefaction facility, as well as supply of hydrogen to an ammonia production facility. The CQ-H2 Project also includes the production input supply assets (water and power).

The CQ-H2 Hydrogen Production Facility (HPF) will be located at the Aldoga heavy development zone approximately 25 km west of Gladstone, with the Hydrogen Liquefaction Facility (HLF) located in the Port of Gladstone’s Fishermen’s Landing area, approximately 12 km north-west of Gladstone. The facilities will be interconnected by an approximately 20 km long H2 pipeline, (HTF) which will also include a pipeline to an ammonia plant.

The purpose of the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) study is to develop the project’s technical, commercial, and social requirements to enable a Final Investment Decision to be made with confidence. The CQ-H2 Project is planned to be developed in phases to help meet the staggered demand from customers, including Japan and Singapore, as well as supplying large industrial customers in Central Queensland.

Our Role:

Our geotechnical investigations assess the suitability of the Aldoga site for the proposed Hydrogen Production Facility. This involves conducting test pits and collecting samples of soil for laboratory testing. Boreholes have also been drilled to capture core samples for further analysis. The soil types identified through the investigations will be used to assess the suitability of materials for different applications, such as earthworks, trenching backfills, and road pavements.

CQ-H2 Project - Hydrogen Production Facility (HPF) and Alodga solar farm (2).jpg