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  • 4 min
    Fish farming companies streamline certification processes

    Cermaq Norway has had a taste of the advantage of coordinating certification audits. That is why they are now looking at the possibility of one common Multi Site certificate for ASC on all their fish farms.

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  • 3 min
    Spain’s fishing industry takes Kiwa on board

    Spanish fishing association CEPESCA wants to work responsibly and sustainably. Kiwa helps.

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  • 2 min
    Consorzio Pescatori di Goro: a qualitative journey from sea to table

    Quality of food products is not the only aspect taken into consideration by consumers and distributors. Something invisible and untouchable is becoming more and more important: the history, safety and sustainability of products.

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  • Kiwa certifying sustainable salmon from Gratanglaks with ASC Salmon Standard certification
    3 min
    Certifying sustainable salmon with ASC

    Gratanglaks, a Norwegian salmon farming company, obtained ASC Salmon Standard certification with Kiwa's help, ensuring sustainable and environmentally responsible salmon farming. With over 2,000 ASC-certified farms globally, ASC is the leading aquaculture certification scheme, guaranteeing eco-friendly and socially responsible products. Learn more about Gratanglaks and the ASC certification.

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