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Consorzio Pescatori di Goro: a qualitative journey from sea to table

Quality of food products is not the only aspect taken into consideration by consumers and distributors. Besides taste, something invisible and untouchable is becoming more and more important: the history, safety and sustainability of products.

The Consorzio Pescatori di Goro (CoPeGo), in English: Goro Fishermen’s Consortium, located in the province of Ferrara (Italy), supplies the market with safe and high quality shellfish products. They can do this thanks to their controlled production process that complies with current food safety regulations and a strong focus on the environment and sustainability.

Assurance of safety and traceability

The production of CoPeGo includes different types of shellfish, with great relevance for clams, which are bred in the Sacca di Goro within the concession area of 650 hectares, with a production capacity of real clams between 5000 and 9000 tons per year. The CoPeGo facilities are located in the Parco del Delta del Po area, an environmental protected delta area of the river Po.

Throughout the whole food supply chain, the product is treated with great professionalism and attention, from data collection useful for traceability (area and date of collection and registration with batch numbers) to the manual selection of shellfish to be marketed or discarded, from the packaging and labelling of the product to its final storage in temperature-controlled cells.

Kiwa certified

Consorzio Pescatori di Goro is certified by Kiwa in compliance with ISO 22005 and IFS Food standards. With these certifications, CoPeGo assures its customers the supply of a traceable products, identifying clams and mussels breeders. It also ensures that all the mandatory health and hygiene requirements are met during the production process, thus protecting all the end consumers.

Keeping the food safe, from the farm to the table, ensuring hygiene practices and traceability at every stage of the supply chain, are essential objectives for the food industry. Kiwa supports Consorzio Pescatori di Goro in this.

CoPeGo - safe, high quality and traceable food

Watch this video about CoPeGo in which they exlain how they work and how they keep their products high quality and traceable.