Kiwa's credentials

Kiwa has advised government bodies on the national use of hydrogen. It is a Notified Body under the EU ETS. It is currently advising all the UK gas distribution networks on the potential demand for hydrogen in the 10 largest cities in the UK, and similarly working Dutch (local) authorities on hydrogen projects throughout the country (please check The Hydrogen Revolution).

The Kiwa Gas team has a unique blend of ‘boots on the job’ engineering experience and a pool of scientists advising government, gas network operators and related trade bodies.  We support decision makers with practical knowledge as well as scientific understanding from teams immersed in the industry and engaged with its stakeholders.

Kiwa is leading the facilitation of the international acceptance of hydrogen as an energy vector. With an extensive hydrogen test laboratory (the only one of its kind in Europe), and expert hydrogen certification and consultancy teams, Kiwa has a unique standpoint when it comes to hydrogen. Our experts ‘wear the boots on the ground’ as well as crunching the numbers in our labs, and providing strategic and technical advice to Government bodies and network operators.

From hydrogen for domestic heating and cooking, to industrial deployment and hydrogen-fuelled transportation – Kiwa is advising.