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  • Kiwa's Road Testing unit takes new step towards a more sustainable fleet
    1 July 2020

    Our Road Testing unit, Kiwa KOAC, has recently started using a new measuring vehicle equipped with a solar energy supply system. This system can provide extra power needed for the computer system (measuring system) used during the measurement work on the road.

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  • Kiwa Turkey now accredited for assessment and certification of Safe Tourism
    28 June 2020

    Kiwa Turkey is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Tourism for assessment and certification of Safe Tourism. The certification is now oriented on the COVID-19 pandemic, but in the future, it will be continued as a global brand for the tourism industry.

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  • Kiwa now certifies components used in hydrogen networks according to AR 214
    17 June 2020

    Existing natural gas infrastructures can be made suitable for the distribution of hydrogen relatively easily. Kiwa’s approval requirement (AR) 214, focused on hydrogen, contains the specific requirements components in networks must meet.

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