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  • CQR joins Kiwa in Colombia
    19 July 2022

    Certification Quality Resources (CQR) has reached an agreement with Kiwa for the integration of its certification and inspection services in Colombia and throughout the Latin American region. This integration complements our agri-food certification services.

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  • Further growth at Kiwa: MPA Dresden joins Kiwa Germany
    15 July 2022

    German-based MPA Dresden GmbH, an accredited testing laboratory and certification and inspection body in the field of fire protection, is now part of Kiwa. With the addition of MPA Dresden, Kiwa Germany can complement and further expand its service portfolio.

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  • New version BRCGS Food Safety to be released in August 2022
    4 July 2022

    The well-known BCRGS Food Safety Standard helps food manufacturers focus on a wide range of areas including HACCP, traceability, food fraud prevention, management commitment, and food safety culture. A revision of the standard is underway with the new Issue 9 due to be launched in August 2022.

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Latest Stories

  • 2 min
    Explore PVEL’s Testing at Historic PVUSA

    PVUSA is one of the first solar plants built in North America, and currently serves as the home of grid-connected, research-grade outdoor testbed operated by PV Evolution Labs (PVEL), a member of the Kiwa Group.

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  • 2 min
    Remote auditing: efficient working method with great benefits

    Lead Auditor Jürgen Harbaum has increasingly implemented remote auditing into his modus operandi: “Over the past two years, it has become increasingly clear that certain processes and activities can be audited remotely without restrictions. This saves both parties costs and time and provides greater flexibility."

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  • 2 min
    Rock-solid equipment for rock mechanics testing

    When digging tunnels or excavating mines, soil and rock mechanics suddenly become a key consideration. Trilab in Brisbane, Australia, part of Kiwa Group’s Intega family, leads the way with state-of-the-art triaxial testing equipment.

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