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Latest News

  • The potential of green hydrogen in the energy transition: the Octopus case
    20 April 2021

    Moroni & Partners, part of the Kiwa Group, has recently performed vendor technical advisor activities for Octopus Renewables, an operator specialized in the management of investments in the renewable energy sector, among which green hydrogen production plants.

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  • Gold and Silver medals at European Championships
    12 April 2021

    The first international rowing tournament of 2021 was a success for Kiwa’s rowing ladies. They took a golden and silver medal home from the European Championships at Lago di Varese (Italy).

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  • International Beaver Day: celebrating our sustainability supporters
    7 April 2021

    Today we celebrate International Beaver Day! Our mascot, the beaver, is part of our corporate identity and inextricably linked to many of our values. Did you know that beavers are ecosystem engineers and champions of biodiversity? 

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Latest Stories

  • 3 min
    Hazards, heights and health: how Kiwa keeps employees safe

    Kiwa inspectors frequently face potentially dangerous activities. Helena Louhelainen, HSE Manager at Kiwa Finland, makes sure that her colleagues are able to trust that after a day of work they can go home healthy and well.

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  • 2 min
    The potential of polymers in the energy transition

    With the phasing out of oil and natural gas, the question arises as to whether there is still a future for existing natural gas networks and what alternatives could be. A promising viable solution: polymers, or in other words plastic and the piping systems made from them.

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  • 4 min
    Drones: faster, cheaper and safer inspections

    The buzz of a drone flying overhead is increasingly familiar, but drones have much wider applications than taking aerial footage. Emil Tjäder from Kiwa Sweden is specialized in hazardous indoor inspections using drones.

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