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Latest News

  • Kiwa and Cyber security expert Hudson Cybertec join forces
    6 May 2021

    Hudson Cybertec, specialized in cyber security for Industrial Automation & Control Systems, is now part of the Kiwa Group. With this participation, Kiwa aims to expand its presence in the cyber security market, whereas Hudson Cybertec will profit from Kiwa’s worldwide network and expertise in the field of certification.

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  • PV Evolution Labs joins Kiwa Group in new partnership
    5 May 2021

    Kiwa has signed a partnership agreement with PVEL, a leading independent test lab for the global downstream solar and energy storage industry, based in the United States.

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  • Kiwa Italy issues ISO 9001 certificate to Rome’s local police force
    28 April 2021

    The local Police Force of Rome, Italy, recently obtained the Quality Management System Certification in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 Standard. The certification was issued by Kiwa Italia.

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Latest Stories

  • 2 min
    From gas to hydrogen: the hydrogen burner conversion, development and testing

    Currently most of the burners are fed with natural gas. But what if this equipment will not run on gas in the future, but on hydrogen? With the energy transition underway that future is closer than you probably think!

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  • 3 min
    Hazards, heights and health: how Kiwa keeps employees safe

    Kiwa inspectors frequently face potentially dangerous activities. Helena Louhelainen, HSE Manager at Kiwa Finland, makes sure that her colleagues are able to trust that after a day of work they can go home healthy and well.

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  • 4 min
    Protecting critical infrastructure: the role of a new cybersecurity standard

    Technology continues to evolve exponentially, leading to more efficient and productive industrial processes, but also bigger cybersecurity risks. How do you protect organizations' key processes and critical infrastructure?

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