19 April 2017

Kiwa issues first BetonBewust|CSC certificates

During the Building Holland Exhibition 2017 in Amsterdam, Kiwa issued the first BetonBewust|CSC certificates to Mebin (silver), CRH/Cementbouw (silver) and VBI (bronze) on April 12. They are the first companies that successfully completed the process of certification for BetonBewust|CSC.


The CSC certificate is a way to validate that precast concrete products, ready-mix concrete, cement/binders and aggregates are responsibly resourced and produced. The companies have to fulfil requirements concerning the responsible resourcing of materials and raw materials, but also requirements concerning environmental management, pollution, recycling, human rights, integrity, safety and impact to the (working) environment.

The CSC certificate responds to an increasing customer demand for sustainably produced building products. The certificate provides certainty about the responsible resourcing of raw materials, an optimal production process and recyclability. Moreover, the recipient benefits from the knowledge of a certified supplier who is constantly innovating and developing the product in order to achieve even better results.

Says Ronel Dielissen-Kleinjans, general manager of Mebin, part of Heidelberg, "For us as a producer of ready-mix concrete, one of the advantages of the BetonBewust|CSC-certificate is that it makes clear to our customer how much CO2 reduction can be achieved by using our certified products. We are proud to be one of the first companies that have obtained the certificate."

The same goes for André Barendregt, CEO of Betonmortelbedrijvengroep Cementbouw, part of CRH. "As the certificate is internationally recognized it helps us to demonstrate that we meet stringent, independently assessed requirements, but it also contributes as a marketing tool in the international market."

Thies van der Wal, Director of Sustainability and CSR at VBI, adds that "the certificate contributes to improved sustainability throughout the construction chain."

Adds Arjen van der Drift, unit manager Construction products at Kiwa, "The BetonBewust|CSC certificate in the Netherlands and the international CSC certificate fit perfectly with our other services in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR. That is one of the reasons we are a Founding Partner of CSC. We are proud to have certified the first companies worldwide."

The requirements and conditions of the CSC certificate are laid out in the Sustainable Concrete Manual, which has been drawn up by the Concrete Sustainability Council as an international certification system. There are four levels: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. In the Netherlands, BetonBewust|CSC is the regional system operator (RSO) of the international CSC system. The certification according to the CSC system is exclusively performed by independent certification bodies licensed by CSC; Kiwa is one of them.

More information

For further information about the CSC certificate and Kiwa's role in the process of obtaining the certificate: csc@kiwa.comOr visit this page.