29 June 2018

Final print issue of Quality Quarterly out now

Kiwa - Quality Quarterly June 2018

How did family-run Sodexo become a leading quality of life business? Plus: what going digital means for Kiwa – and for you. Furthermore, in the June 2018 issue of Quality Quarterly we explore what it takes to build a circular economy, and we discover the technology Kiwa colleagues are using to see through concrete.

In this issue, we’re going digital: this will be the last print issue of the magazine, with feedback from four QQ insiders on how we can continue to engage online and our top tips on keeping up-to-date with the fast-moving world of quality. Plus, we profile bestselling author Stephen King – a master of engaging readers.

Quality customer: BMW Group France

Quality is critical when you step into a car, especially for a brand that relies on quality; BMW Group France has been working with Kiwa for more than a decade to verify its retail standards. BMW’s Elodie Grimaud shares with us why the company chose Kiwa and encourages Kiwa to continue going digital.

What keeps Sodexo at the top of the quality of life sector?

Family-run Fortune 500 company Sodexo has grown from a one-man operation to the world’s 19th biggest employer in five decades. With a focus on providing the best possible service that improves people’s lives, Sodexo puts its own people first, with its own training and certification systems.

Seeing with sound

Once again, Quality Quarterly looks at what makes Kiwa TIC – how our Testing, Inspection or Certification services are helping our customers around the world. In this issue, we meet the inspectors who are using state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology to see through concrete, and increase its lifespan at the same time.

Read on… there’s plenty more to see here!

There’s a lot more for you to discover in the last print edition of Quality Quarterly – published in June 2018. With expert opinions, stories from companies around the world and the latest Kiwa news, QQ aims to inspire and help you improve quality, safety, health and (social) responsibility in your own organization. Do you value these topics, or are you involved in (quality) management? Then QQ is for you!