20 June 2018

From GAD to GAR: what has changed?

Since April 21, 2018 the Gas Appliance Regulation (GAR) replaces the Gas Appliance Directive (GAD). The GAR mainly ensures more uniformity and clarity for the manufacturers of gas appliances and gas appliance components. For example, the country-specific requirements set in the GAD have been replaced by a consistent set of rules for the entire EU.

The new Gas Appliance Regulation, or EU Directive 2016/426, provides more clarity and legal certainty, particularly regarding to the exact interpretation and scope of the directive. By updating the GAD, which dates back to 2009, the European Commission also wants to improve coverage of new technical developments and innovations.

The GAR therefore contains updates and additions to the EU requirements already set in the GAD for heating and cooking appliances and the associated control, monitoring and security components. You can find the main features and changes in the GAR below.

On which appliances does the GAR apply?

  • Heating and cooking appliances that use gaseous fuels, such as equipment used for cooking, heating, hot water production, lighting or washing;
  • Fittings: the components (and parts thereof) that are built into gas appliances for management, control and security.

What are the most important changes?

  • In general, the GAR has the same scope as the GAD. The GAR however also includes appliances with a normal water temperature of more than 105 degrees Celsius;
  • The fittings - the management, control and safety components of gas appliances - must be CE-certified and therefore require the same conformity processes as the devices for which they are intended;
  • Manufacturers must perform and document a risk assessment in the context of the GAR in which the foreseeable use of the appliance must be taken into account;
  • A CE GAR certificate is valid for a maximum of ten years from the moment of issue;
  • According to the GAR, notified bodies are obliged to inform manufacturers of changes in technology and legislation that influence the certification.

Kiwa is a TIC service provider that unburdens customers with a one-stop shop in the field of testing and certifying of gas appliances and components. Against both European and intercontinental directives. As a member of the GAD advisory board Kiwa co-founded the new GAR. We know what it takes to launch a product on the European market. In addition, we are in contact with certifiers around the world, so we can also provide the required certification services around the globe as well.

Please contact Ernst Vossers (ernst.vossers@kiwa.nl or +31 (0) 88 998 3451) for more information on the GAR or Kiwa’s services.