7 March 2018

Share your thoughts on the new www.kiwa.com!

You have entered Kiwa’s completely renewed corporate website. A warm welcome! Any suggestions for further improvement? Let us know!

The new site features an entirely new design and focuses on you, our (potential) customer, to be able to access our (international) products and services as easy as possible. That’s why the ‘How can we help you’ and search bar on the home page are more prominent than ever.

Intuitive search

The website’s search routine is one of its most important assets. It will eventually cover the entire database of (international) Kiwa products and services. As it is self-learning, it will become more intuitive over time, showing not only what you look for, but adjacent services as well.

Markets and Services: other route, same database

The ‘Markets’ and ‘Services’ menu items each in their own way provide access to the same database of products and services. Markets does so through 21 carefully chosen market segments you may be active in, Services via our core activities Testing, Inspection, Certification, Training and Consultancy. Want to get in touch? We have made that easier than ever.

The ‘About Kiwa’ menu item includes background information about our company while ‘Media’ bundles all of our news, press releases and inspirational articles and videos.

See room for improvement? Share your thoughts!

A lot of thought has been given to website design, interaction and the information contained in it. Still, there undoubtedly is room for improvement. If you have any suggestions for improving the website, please feel free to share them. We value any feedback and we’ll inform you about what we’ll do with your suggestions.

Please supply at least: 

  • the title of the page within the website; 
  • the exact URL (copy from your browser); 
  • if helpful, a screenshot of the page; 
  • a clearly stated description of what you suggest to change on the page.

Send your suggestions in an e-mail to Corporate.Communication@kiwa.nl. Make sure the subject of your message is ‘Corporate website’. Thank you in advance!

More information

For more information, contact Corporate.Communication@kiwa.nl.