23 June 2019

EU Regulation 167/2013 for agricultural and forestry vehicles fully in force in six months

From January 1, 2020, European regulation 167/2013 will be fully in force for agricultural and forestry vehicles. This means that from then on, this type of vehicle can only be registered in EU countries when they are built according to this regulation.

The European Regulation 167/2013 provides regulatory requirements for the construction of agricultural and forestry vehicles and the general requirements for certification. The rules apply to all manufacturers of agricultural and forestry vehicles, and the production of components and parts. Recognition as a constructor COP (Conformity Of Production) is therefore necessary.

European type approval is accepted in all European member states. The purpose of this regulation is to offer a high level of safety and environmental protection to new vehicles, components and separate technical units that are being placed on the market.

Kiwa Certification for Regulation 167/2013

Kiwa Belgium is qualified for certification according to Regulation 167/2013 and performs the audits that are part of the process to become a recognized manufacturer. We do this throughout Europe. For more information about this service, please have a look at this page.