29 April 2019

The Finnish Red Cross takes a giant leap with Kiwa Inspecta - ambitious goal to double first aid training in Finland

The Finnish Red Cross and Kiwa Inspecta have a joint goal: to make sure that workplaces and homes are equipped with proper first aid skillsand bravery to act in emergency situations. To achieve the double trainings goal, the two organizations are committed to developing first aid trainings together, in order to suit customers’ changing needs. The Red Cross aims to be a forerunner in internationally comparable trainings

To achieve the ambitious goal, the Finnish Red Cross has reinforced its position as the leading expert on the field by choosing Kiwa Inspecta, as a partner. Both organisations have a strong understanding how international training programs and standards are built and how progress is evaluated.

The yearly number of first aid trainings is a good measure of how society is prepared for various types of emergency situations. 125 000 people were trained in Finnish Red Cross first aid trainings last year.

Kiwa Inspecta and the Finnish Red Cross sign a co-operation deal. From bottom left to right CEOs Mikko Törmänen and Jani Pihl, Finnish Red Cross First Aid CEO Anne Pellinen. Backrow: Business Manager Laura Lindholm, CFO Jari Haavisto, Country Manager Jussi Ojanen, Business Manager Mirja Sjöberg (SPR), Erkko Korhonen, Finance Manager Piia Eteläpää (SPR).

A safer society

The partnership with Kiwa Inspecta ensures that Finland will become a safer society, one first aid training at a time.

”We have listened to our clients’ needs and we aim to make significant training reformation on how first aid trainings are created and how competency registers are maintained. International certification seems possible in the near future thanks to our co-operation regarding first aid systems. Digitalized services create new possibilities within our programs. Our first step is to create new digital and live trainings. We, as Red Cross have enough knowledge and will to make this great leap” says Red Cross First aid CEO Anne Pellinen.

”We are taking first aid trainings to a new level. Our aim is to bring trainings to a people certified status.” says Kiwa Inspecta Certification CEO Mikko Törmänen

Double first aid trainings

First Aid trainings will take different occupational needs and international consistency better into account. In the development, customer companies, trainers and other groups are brought together. And together it is possible to double first aid trainings in the coming years. 

The Red Cross will inform about the fruits of our co-operation during this may.