19 August 2019

Kiwa and Sinovoltaics provide ‘one-stop-shop’ for PV testing, inspection and certification

Kiwa and Sinovoltaics Group have entered into a strategic partnership that will enable solar plant investors and developers to accede the most comprehensive scope of testing, de-risking and certification services in the solar PV and energy storage industry.

The joint venture combines Sinovoltaics’ on-site quality assurance at the solar PV equipment factories in Asia with Kiwa’s PV Modules laboratories and inspection services. The partnered services for solar plant investors and developers will include PV testing, de-risking, certification, impartial PV continuous power generation and PV field inspection services.

“We have been actively seeking a partnership like the one together with Sinovoltaics in order to provide a one-stop-shop service to our customers, especially for the Asian market,” said Luca Votta, international business manager for solar and wind at Kiwa.

Full service

The cooperation allows Kiwa to offer clients a full impartial testing, inspection and certification service. “Starting from upstream component certification and all the way through impartial due diligences, in-line inspection, pre-shipment inspection, sampling lab testing and final inspection before and after commissioning,” says Michel Wouters, country manager of Kiwa Taiwan. “The partnered service allows industry stakeholders to receive the most optimized performance for their PV plants.”

Extra layer of safety

“The clients apply our Zero Risk Solar framework to their PV projects and have their equipment tested on-site at the PV factories in Asia by our team,” said Niclas D. Weimar, CTO at Sinovoltaics Group. “Reliability testing in the laboratory offers an extra layer of safety for our clients, and with Kiwa’s laboratory testing our clients benefit from a full scope of technical risk management services.”

From left to right: Dricus de Rooij (Sinovoltaics), Michel Wouters (Kiwa) and Niclas D. Weimar (Sinovoltaics)


Sinovoltaics is a Dutch-German quality assurance, product engineering and technical compliance consulting firm. Sinovoltaics focuses on the technical de-risking of PV and energy storage assets. The company currently serves IPPs, utility companies and financial institutions from six continents.

More information

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