25 February 2019

Kiwa customer research yields positive results

Kiwa has evaluated customer satisfaction and we are proud that the outcome of the survey is very positive; in general, we score an 8.0 for our services, an improvement of 0.15 compared to 2016.

In general customers are most satisfied about our professionalism, the way they are treated and the skills of the Kiwa employees.

The research was carried out in December 2018 by Customeys, a higly reputed survey agency in The Netherlands.

NPS score 30,2%

NPS stands for Net Promoter Score. It's a customer satisfaction benchmark that measures how likely our customers are to recommend Kiwa to a friend. The score of 30,2% indicates that our customers are satisfied to such an extent that they will recommend us to others.

We use NPS to evaluate and improve customer loyalty. NPS is different from other benchmarks, such as customer satisfaction score or customer effort score, in that it measures a customer's overall sentiment about our brand, versus their perception of a singular interaction or purchase.

Proud of our colleagues

”We are super proud of this result. It underlines that customers recognize our efforts to improve our services to enlarge the added value for their business”, says Corporate Communication Director George Mentjox. “Everyday again our people do their utmost to support our customers. It’s great to receive an awarding Net Promotor Score of 30.2% in return.”

Improve our customer needs

At Kiwa we do our utmost to help our clients to be able to create trust in their products, services, processes, (management) systems and employees. We use the results of the survey to further improve our businesses and to better meet our customers’ demands.