14 May 2019

Kiwa Inspecta teams up with FORCE Technology Sweden

Kiwa Inspecta teams up with the Swedish part of FORCE Technology, one of the largest players in Scandinavia when it comes to technical control, inspection, certification and business development. FORCE Technology will be integrated into Kiwa Inspecta's organization.

Kiwa - Kiwa Inspecta teams up with FORCE Technology Sweden

Kiwa Inspecta and FORCE Technology are two leading organizations that have long been providing customized services within inspection and testing, as well as certification of products, people and processes in the Swedish market. Together, the companies will increase their expertise and become a complete supplier.

"The acquisition is fully in line with our growth strategy", says Erik Landgren, CEO, Kiwa Inspecta. "It means we will increase the level of service to e.g. process and manufacturing industry, paper and pulp, mining, power generation and owners of installations in buildings and we will also be able to develop and offer a wider, and more innovative range of services to our customers."

Kiwa Inspecta's service offering is expanded with, among other things, more specialist services in steel, concrete and the aviation sector.

Per Gelang, CEO, FORCE Technology Sweden AB says: "It feels good to become part of a company that has such a high level of competence as Kiwa Inspecta. Our customers will continue to enjoy a high level of service and will also benefit from a larger service offering."